The Winner’s Putter - RBC Canadian Open 2011

05 August, 20:36, by admin

Sean O'Hair defeated Kris Blanks in the first playoff hole to win the 2011 RBC Canadian Open at Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club located in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

Sean finished tied for 36th position with an average of 28.8 putts per round and tied for 61st with an average 1.837 putts per green in regulation.

The Titleist Cameron Studio Select Fastback Putter helped Sean earn his first victory of the year.

 Titleist Cameron Studio Select Newport Fastback 1 Putter Golf Club

Woody Austin finished the RBC Canadian Open tied for 6th place while leading the field in average putts per green in regulation with 1.556. The putting stats may be inaccurate as Woody finished tied for 63rd for greens hit in regulation. Woody is also known to use a Titlest Cameron Studio putter.

Putting… The Most Important Part of Your Game!

07 March, 11:46, by admin

Unarguably the most important part of your game is the ability to be successful with your putter. The majority of golfers are consistent with putts under 2 feet and become more and more less consistent as distance increases from the hole.  Just imagine the impact on your scorecard if you can improve your skills on the green to consistently turn three putts into two and so on.  

We created to focus on the skills, techniques, and equipment to help you help your game.  We have eliminated all of the clutter and distractions related to other areas of your game (drivers, hybrids, etc .) to focus strictly on what we believe is the most important part…. putting the ball in the hole.

To get you started on the journey to becoming a better putter let us begin with five simple questions:

  1. How often do you practice putting in comparison to the rest of your game?
  2. Do you visit the practice green the same amount as the range before starting your round?
  3. How frequently do you replace your putter?
  4. Do you know the style of your putting stroke?
  5. Can you easily identify the sweet spot of your putter?